Bob Veazey has been in the lighting business since 1985 and has specialized in lighting layout and photometric design & analyses for over 30 years.

A user of Lighting Analysts AGI32 lighting design & photometric software since it's inception. Bob was a beta tester for the AGI32 program as it was being designed and used the DOS version of the program before the windows version was developed.


Using our state of the art lighting program, we can quickly supply you with a light fixture layout and photometric analysis of your entire project in virtually any format you wish. We can provide grayscale and color 3D views of the project showing accurate lighting effects.

We use Autocad in our office to assure complete compatibility with the drawing files we will be sharing. We can supply DWG files as well as DXF, PDF and TIFF formats for your convenience.


Photometrics LLC is an independent business entity and is not tied to any manufacturer or representative organization. We can provide photometrics for any fixtures from any number of manufacturers you choose. You don't have to pick all your fixtures from one manufacturer or rep organization. With over 30 years lighting experience, we can help you choose the right lighting for your application, if desired.


We pride ourselves on Layouts and analyses completed efficiently and quickly. We strive to use the fewest fixtures possible and meet the lighting requirements for aesthetics and cost concerns for your clients. We typically can have the layout and analysis completed and in your hands within 2 to 3 business days or less.