Photometric Analyses For Indoor & Outdoor Applications

Light fixture layouts and point by point analyses to meet local lighting codes and Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recommendations

Photometrics LLC for all your lighting photometric needs

Light fixture photometric layout and analysis, fast and efficient. Any size job, indoor or outdoor lighting. You can select and place the light fixtures or we can help you choose the right fixture for your project and place them efficiently to meet IES minimum recommendations and/or local codes and lighting ordinances. We can complete most photometric analyses in 48-72 hours or less.

Interior Lighting


Interior building lighting. Separate calculations for 25 different rooms.

  • Irregular shaped rooms
  • Several different ceiling heights
  • Varying ceiling, walls & floor reflectances
  • Each room 3D modelled for accurate calculations

Roadway Lighting


One mile section of roadway using existing & new pole locations.

  • Retrofitting old HID to LED lighting
  • Use of Google Earth for scaled satellite background image
  • Comparison calculations between existing and new lighting
  • Calculations & Design to meet IES RP-8-00 & RP-8-14 recommendations

Exterior Lighting


Prison yard and perimeter road.

  • 100ft Highmast poles with 6 & 8 lights per pole
  • All buildings, ground, & perimeter road 3D modelled
  • Mesopic & Photopic calculations for all surfaces
  • 3D rendering showing shadows from buildings

Sports Lighting


3,000 seat indoor basketball arena.

  • Multi-level LED lighting
  • Autocad drawing background
  • 3D modelled court and spectator area
  • Design exceeds IES RP-6-15 Class II recommendations

Photometric Work For These Business Segments And More:

Engineers & Architects

Engineers & Architects

Helping you complete your lighting design quickly and efficiently


Lighting MAnufacturers

Handling the overflow when your in-house team is backed up, or a perfect outsource resource if your photometric needs don't justify a full time inhouse employee

Electrical & Design Build Contractors

A great member of the team to create a lighting design that looks great, is in budget, and meets all local and national lighting codes